Graduated in Design (2005), I started my work through the visual arts in 2008, participating in collective and individual exhibitions in some Brazilian capitals using photography, drawing and other medias. In 2011, I began my research in the field of performance, participating in collective exhibitions at Oswald de Andrade Cultural Space (SP) and the Mercosur Biennial in Porto Alegre (RS-BR). In this process of re-significances, my studies were developing in the fields of theater and dance, studying with national and international professionals, and in 2013 I was invited to participate in a project by Cia Os Satyros (SP-BR), that researched the work of the Norwegian author of drama Jon Fosse, presenting "I am the Wind". In 2015, I presented the "APP", in co-author with the actor and director José Sampaio (SP) at SESC Vila Mariana (SP). In 2016, I participated in the project "Esquiva - Urban Intervention of Dance and Music", by Cia Oito Nova Dança, with presentations around the city of São Paulo. At the same year, I participated in the "The Human Face” by Taanteatro Company, a play that based on work of Artaud, at the Teatro Aliança Francesa (SP). Between 2013 and 2016, I created solo and collective projects in performance area, always with dance and drama together, presenting in cultural spaces of Sao Paulo. In 2017, I created projects focusing on interdisciplinary artists, who work between the fields of performing arts and visual arts, for cultural spaces in São Paulo. And I participated in the performance “Slow Dance”, by Celia Gondol (FR), in Verbo Festival (SP). In 2018, I participated in “La Plaza”, a new project from El Conde de Torrefiel Company (ES), in Alkantara Festival (Lisbon-Port). Currently, my research is looking for mix the ideas between performing arts, cinema and - always - stories about invisible (or ridden) personas.