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I was a hourse. A horse alone. Walking along the beach. Try to find other way to live. During the summer, I did my best for this city. 

And then, I saw this monument. What’s that? What is about? Can I take off this peaces in the middle? Oh, I can see a picture of some horse in this... and indigenous drawings. I don’t wanna take off this peaces in the middle. 

And now? Can I go there? It will be really terrible for me go down these stairs. Can I try? I think I will fall. 

Yeah! I tried. Nice. Now I have many wounds and injuries to the legs. And... I became a woman. Is this a letter? Who are these boys on the walls? Let’s read the letter...

Someone “pixou” the wall. ‘Someone’ is a woman. She tired. She put her head on the wall and started to concentrate. Maybe she’s praying, isn’t?

Ow, it’s her. Why she looking at me with this face? Maybe she still feeling tired. Maybe she doesn’t like the way she needs to present herself.   

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pS.: touch me, baby

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